Services & Pricing


Free Phone Consultation

1st call FREE — 15-20 minute phone call to help you better understand what nutritional therapy can do for you. This call is also a way for me to find out what your health concerns are.  Phone consultation will be followed by paperwork including health history and Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ).

Initial Sessions

1st Session (90 minutes) – Initial Interview — This session is to gather information from you and analyze the paperwork that will be sent in advance. I will go over my findings from the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) and ensure that your health concerns are being addressed. We will discuss diet and lifestyle changes that you feel most ready to make based on those findings. -- $199

2nd Session (90-120 Minutes) – Functional Evaluation — I will perform a hands-on Functional Evaluation (FE), palpating pressure points and reflexes to gain further knowledge about how specific organ systems are functioning and determine where dysfunction exists. This may also involve Lingual Neural Testing (LNT) to determine which supplements and/or foods will best support YOUR body specifically. -- $199

Continuing Sessions, à La Carte:

Check-ins, re-evaluating NAQ, re-testing FE points or further LNT, etc.

90 minutes -- $149

60 minutes -- $99

30 minutes -- $59

Packages & Specials:

New Client Special – 1st and 2nd session plus one 90-minute (or two 45-minute) session(s) -- $399

Family discount – $100 off any one session or package

Weekly Accountability Package – weekly food journal collection and review with weekly phone check-in (MUST complete 1st session separately) -- $129/month

Continued Care Package #1 – 60 minute session once per month for 6 months - $445.50 (25% off)

Continued Care Package #2 – 60 minute session once per month of three months - $252.45 (15% off)

Additional Services:

Grocery Shopping Coaching – 2 hours for $149 or 3 hours for $199