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Sarah Langan, PA-C, NTP

I have always wanted to be a helper. I began this journey at the age of 15 when I became an EMT and rode with my town's ambulance service while I was still in high school. This sparked a passion for healthcare that eventually led me to become a Physician Assistant. I have worked as a PA for almost 10 years now, specializing in both pediatrics and adult critical care. Throughout this time I have seen the amazing ways that medicine can help, but I have also seen the way that medicine is frequently used to mask symptoms (“a pill for every ill”), and the devastating effects that this can have in the long term. 

Enter my discovery of nutritional therapy. While I had been using tidbits of this knowledge to heal my own body and mind, I suddenly realized that this was my purpose and I needed to share my knowledge with others. I was tired of seeing my friends, family and patients put on medication after medication to hide each new ailment -- I have spent my career prescribing medicine, but now I want to be the person who takes the medicine away. It's possible, and it's easier than you think. 


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